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Noida – Developing Rapidly with Booming Real Estate Market

New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (NOIDA) is known to be one of the highly urbanized destinations in NCR. Moreover, the proximity of the place with Delhi, makes it a preferred residential and commercial area for people of all statuses. Let’s explore more about the real estate market of Noida. Delhi is the capital city that has the sought after charm and extravagance, but what it lacks now is the affordable residential houses. Yes, the real estate prices in the city have been soaring high, making the living costly for many. However, the appeal of Delhi doesn’t let many to go farther from the city hence Noida, the nearest destination, received great acclaim from those who wish to live nearby Delhi. Noida and Greater Noida are the places where builders have now set their eyes to create the residential and commercial places quite similar to Delhi. Builders in Noida are enthusiastically incorporating all the facilities in their projects to make them attractive.

State of the art malls, hi-end restaurants, hospitals and all major educational institutions have made Noida and Greater Noida, the best places to live in present times. Moreover, the infrastructure like roads and other amenities are well-developed that given an added advantage to these destinations. Builders in Greater Noida are also taking cues from the metro cities, to make the place more convenient and appealing as per the requirements of the modern buyers. Not only local people, but NRIs are also investing in real estate in Noida and Greater Noida due to the diligence of these places.

Let’s understand what type of residential properties are offered by the builders in Noida.

  • Flats/Apartments – These are regular 2-3-4 BHK apartments equipped with all modern amenities for the convenience of the residents. These apartments are constructed in huge buildings having different floors. Most commonly there are only 4 apartments on a single floor, giving huge free space in front of every apartment. All floors are connected with lifts and emergency stairs.
  • Villas – Villa is a standalone house with 1-2 independent floors. These are especially build in a closed area having all basic amenities nearby. Villas are constructed, keeping in mind the old royal Roman country houses where residents get 2-3 bedrooms on each floor with a common living cum dining room at the ground floor. Every villa is well-equipped with facilities required by the residents. Villas are generally expensive than the flats/apartments.
  • Studio Apartments – Studio apartments small apartments usually having 1 common room that can be used as bedroom, living room and kitchen. Bathroom is additional and a balcony. Such apartments are generally for bachelors or for students/working professionals who wish to share the living expenses.

Builders in Greater Noida and Noida are keen to pull buyers from all strata hence they are building properties that suit the needs of everyone. Along with interiors and exteriors of the flats, they are also creating a whole outer environment for the well-being of the residents, hence making a dwelling in Noida is the best idea!

Paramount Projects

  • Paramount Golfforesté Paramount Golfforesté
    Greater Noida
  • Paramount Floraville Paramount Floraville Sec-137, Noida Expressway
  • Paramount Emotions Paramount Emotions G.Noida West
  • Paramount City Square Paramount City Square
    GH-05, Noida Ext.
  • Paramount Symphony Paramount Symphony Crossing Republik NH-24
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