Paint Mistakes to Avoid

Color always adds charm and glamour to any place. A brightly colored kids room, a pastel-hued room for the guests, a mix of pop colors for teenagers. All the imaginations just transfer onto the walls and beautify your home. But a few mistakes can ruin the effect you want to create.

Here are a few painting mistakes to avoid

1. Not doing the preparations: For that perfect finish, homeowners need to make sure the walls have previous layers of paint scraped off, there are no cracks and the wall is completely clean. Better the preparation before painting the walls, better is the outcome. Preparing the walls for a fresh coat of your favorite paint is a great way to save your money and effort.

2. Not trying the paint beforehand- Make sure you try the shades of paint before you buy it in huge numbers. Trying helps you decide on a particular shade, with the number of coats on the wall for the desired effect.

3. Being afraid to choose dark colors – We as homeowners are often afraid of choosing dark colors for our home. We avoid moving away from our traditional color choices. It is always good to experiment with colors and have a dark-colored wall. Dark colors, when put in the right contrast or combination, can add that sense and aura of sophistication to your space.

4. Using cheap tools for painting- Using cheaper tools can spoil the overall outcome even if you are using perfect quality of paints, on that perfectly prepped wall. Homeowners need to understand that choosing the right applicators are as important as the paint itself.

5. Skipping the primer – Every stage of paint is important. Skipping the basic step of applying the primer can cost you time, money and effort otherwise. The primer provides a smooth surface that perfectly enhances the walls, providing a smooth finish.

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