How to make your house pet-friendly?!

For most of us, our pets are just like a family member for us and not just another living being that we take care of. And just like for any member of our family, we try to accommodate some changes in our house that could add to the convenience to the day to day life of our beloved creatures. A few ways do come to our mind and a few don’t, in either case, we are not sure how and what to do. This is precisely what is about to be solved.
First and foremost would be the floor obviously. Wooden floor is something that all dogs do well with but if you are planning to get something slippery and harder like marble or granite, you may wanna do some research as for small dogs or puppies, they can lead to problems in their growth not to mention the constant falling that they might have to go through, especially for dogs and cats.
Your house is just as much theirs as it is yours. And what this implies is that they should be free to roam in and out of the place with their own free will and not be dependent on you every time they want to get some fresh air. This means installing a pet door inside the regular door to the entrance of the house. A pet door is usually only a foot or two high and long which is only good for the pet and can easily be inculcated in the door itself by cutting a door-sized hole through it. Most of the pet doors can be locked separately when not in use.
Having a small lawn in the house or one close to your place is extremely beneficial since they love open spaces and running around can not only help their physical health but also affect their moods. Regular walks and outdoor sessions away from the enclosed walls of your home can help both, the pet and the owner.
Some usual practices of child-proofing the house can also help in making the home pet-friendly.

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