How to ensure that your homes always smell fresh?

We all have been there. Whether it be a new house, a newly redone one, or just the comfortable one. Sooner or later they all lose the touch of freshness and most of the times our efforts to combat the issue are all in vain. Keeping things clean and odourless while still being comfortable in your own home seems to negate one another and we are left with the dilemma being to smell fresh or to be at ease most of the times. And the fact that once the odour settles in, there is no getting rid of it, does not help either. So let us discuss some ways you can deal with the problem before it starts to take over.
The most important way to keep things smelling fresh is ventilation. Most of the times, we try to avoid proper ventilation for our home, which could be for several reasons, be it weather or dust or noise etc. As a result of this, the air inside the house does not have a chance to get replaced with the fresh air outside and keeps circulating, thus taking away from the freshness. While talking of freshness and ventilation, turning up the air conditioning system of your home could help too.
Another way to improve the freshness would be to add some plants, especially the ones that have a pleasant fragrance like lavender, rose etc. Since nature is one epitome of freshness, adding some of it to your humble abode would only befitting. On a similar note, adding some essential oils to your air filter would help too.
Hygiene if a big factor when it comes to the freshness of the house, so cleaning and clearing your trash along with garbage disposal can also be a significant tool for the same. Using some DIY house cleaning tips like baking soda on carpets, using air freshener and using a chimney while cooking can help maintain the freshness of your home.

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