Sound proofing your house

Hustle and bustle is something we all face in our life at some point or the other. And for us, home is a sanctum of peace. Away from all the hassle and chatter that life throws at us, home is a place to relax, live, be at leisure and enjoy the bliss that life has to offer. But with the ever-increasing density of residential areas, the soothing peace that we all long for in our home is disappearing rapidly. And even in the most secluded of the homes, noise pollution is something that is hard to shake off. This is the reason why soundproofing their home is something people are getting the hang off to regain the calm that is fading away. Here are some ways to do the same.
Sound is something that retains most of its force in the air, so covering up all the opening and cracks is the first way to reduce the amount of noise pollution that enters your home. While doing this, be sure to tighten up the already existing doors and windows since sound can enter through even the slimmest of places. This also includes installing chimney caps that open up only while in use.
The thicker your walls are, the more sound they are able to absorb. Adding mass to walls can significantly reduce the noise inside your house. One of the common ways to do this is to add drywalls.
Nature is one of the best to do this. Adding trees, hedges and plants not only gives you a breath of serenity but can also cut down the constant street and vehicular noise.
A central ventilation system is another effective way to reduce the chatter from the outside in your home. It not only closes most entrances effectively reducing the noise but the constantly circulating air also adds to the cause.
One of the most efficient ways to soundproof your house is to install sound-absorbing glass panes instead of regular glass. An alternative would be high-quality storm windows. Both of these materials are much thicker than regular glass and can not only stay intact in adverse weather conditions but also do a better job of reducing the noise that seeps into your home thus rejuvenating the peace.

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