Adding a birdhouse to your house!

Having a dedicated house for your pet is one thing, but having a small shelter for the wild beings is whole another thing. The most common one way is to add a birdhouse in your home, be it on the terrace or in your garden. This can serve a variety of purposes in addition to providing a safe haven for our little furry friends. The natural habitats for most of the birds are decreasing as a result of the urbanization and deforestation. This leaves them high and dry and usually not only homeless but also helpless to make a new home for themselves. They look for other places to set up a nest for themselves but they don’t last as long because of the constant interference from human beings. And the species of birds which does not build a nest, but rely solely on trees are affected the most from this. Thus, a birdhouse can also be seen from a noble point of view.
Another advantage of having a birdhouse can be for the bird watchers who have an unadulterated peek inside the life of these birds and how they practice their instincts. For the ones amongst us have a love for the natural vibe, waking up to the sound of the birds chirping who reside right by them can be a gift like no other.
Now the questions arise, what kind of a birdhouse and where to get one. Birds of different types and sizes have their distinct requirements but most of them are not too picky but it is still advisable to do some research on the species of birds that are resident to your locality and what their needs can be.
The two options for getting your hands on a birdhouse would be, either buy one that is ready-made or build one yourself. Building a plain and simple birdhouse from scratch can be quite easy and can be done with just some planks of wood, a couple of nails and a hammer. On the other hand, buying one can open your doors to a vast array of choices with different kinds of materials, sizes and shapes.
If you want to go that extra mile in aiding our furry flying friends, then you can also add a bird-feeder and a water fountain to the birdhouse or someplace near it. This will take care of practically every aspect of the bird.

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