How low should you mow?!

Having a small garden or a lawn in your home is something most of us look forward to. Especially the ones who have a love for nature. It not only adds a fresh aroma to its immediate vicinity but also can be a designated floral pad. These lawns, usually apply patches of grass that leaves the room for improvisation. But having a lawn adds a bit to the list of chores and the responsibilities that we may have to take care of.
Leaving a patch of plants or grass can invite a lot of unintended things which can take away from the fun of getting one in the first place. If left unmonitored, grass can quickly grow taller than intended and invite difference types of bugs, or other small creatures to say the least. For some, it might be okay but most of us would like to prevent this from happening in the first place. And this is precisely the reason why it is always a good idea to mow your lawn frequently. Now one can either mow the lawn using manual mowing equipment or use a power-operated lawn-mower.
This brings us to the next question, which would be that, how low should we cut the grass to and how often should it be done?
The height of the grass is usually something we have our personal preference for. But there are somethings that we need to consider while mowing our lawn and it goes beyond our personal preference as a different kind of grass have different requirements. In addition to the type of grass, the height is also a factor of the season that you are experiencing. For instance, shady grasses grow better if mowed a little higher, warm-season grasses are usually cut a little lower than the other ones and cool-season grasses do best when cut as high as possible.

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