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10 Things to Keep in Mind While Moving in a New House

Pby paramount IN GENERAL PROPERTY 2021-08-21


Aug, 21

Moving to new flats or new houses is a major change in our lives. There might be many reasons of moving to a new house. We reach out to real estate developers to help us in finding the perfect home with the best locations and everything near us. Most real estate companies have come up with their own big projects that are very prominent and with all the basic necessities included that makes it a perfect place to invest one’s money.

Shifting to a new place is a very hectic process and it takes a lot of time and energy in packing and unpacking of the necessities. And in all this rush, it surely happens that we tend to forget a lot of things. Though we make a checklist of the things that we need to pack or do, still some things slip off our mind. To avoid these mistakes, here are 10 tips one must follow while moving in a new house:

1 CHOOSE A DATE: When you’re shifting, choose a mid-week, mid-month date for hiring the movers. At this time, they usually have less work and would do your work in less time and low cost.

2 MAKE A CHECKLIST: Make a checklist of all the non-allowable things of the moving company. This won’t make you rush last minute to unpack things and look for them.

3 LABEL THE BOXES: While packing, label all the boxes differently and clearly so that you know which things are kept where. This won’t create a blunder while unpacking as you’ll know which boxes you need to open and which ones to keep in the store.

4 RESEARCH: Go out and check your neighbourhood, what schools are there around your locality, how far is the hospital, pharmacy, grocery store and markets where you can go to for daily needs.

5 DECLUTTER: Don’t move the things unnecessarily. Don’t move the things you don’t need. For instance, don’t move that toaster which doesn’t work at all just because you want to.

6 MAKE AN INVENTORY: Creating a list would make it easy for you to check if all you belongings are shifted properly. There are times when the movers forget your belongings or lose them, or sometimes some of the items may slip from your mind. This step would eliminate such chances.

7 TAKE PICTURES FOR EASE: Take pictures of things from your old house like that of the wiring of a television or any other setup to keep a track of how to place them in your new house.

8 UPDATE YOUR ADDRESS: If you don’t want your favorite magazines to get delivered on the wrong address, or want to be unaware of your credit card bills, then you must update your address in all your important documents.

9 CHECK YOUR SECURITY: You might not know who has the keys to your new house, so to avoid any mishappenings in future, change all the locks of your home.

10 PACK A BAG OF ESSENTIALS: You wouldn’t want to run out of food, or forget your favorite pajamas on the first night in your new house, so pack bag of essentials which includes your clothes, toiletries, medicines, baby essentials and pet essentials.

Now you know what all things can help you shift in order and without any problems!