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Which is better Noida or Greater Noida for Living?

Pby paramount IN GENERAL PROPERTY 2023-10-11


Oct, 23

Residential spaces are in great demand in Noida. The flats in Greater Noida have great locations. They are near schools, banks, shopping complexes, etc., making them suitable for living. Nowadays, realizing the need for a healthy environment, builders are also making sure that their projects are made in areas having sufficient trees and parks. 

The apartments are made using the latest technology to provide the utmost comfort to the residents. Real estate Noida is already a flourished market and welcomes quite big investments.

Noida Extension is a growing hub of commercial and residential spaces. On the one hand, if Greater Noida is the hub of real estate development, Noida Extension is developing rapidly to become the next. It is the place where residents of Greater Noida usually come for shopping and leisure activities. 

With numerous shops for sale in Noida Extension, this region is becoming a hub for commercial and residential properties. It is attracting both the builders and the investors. Property in Noida Extension is in great demand owing to the location, infrastructure, and connectivity of the region.


Benefits of Living in Greater Noida

Undoubtedly, Greater Noida is a perfect place to invest in residential spaces. There are many flats in Greater Noida where you can invest. The following are some reasons highlighting why buying a property in Greater Noida is desirable:

  • Reputed builders

Since Noida is the hub of real estate investments, there are many reputed and trusted builders whom you can trust to provide the best property. Paramount Group is a leading builder in Greater Noida having a customer-centric approach where human connection at the personal level is established with the customers. 


  • Commendable infrastructure

The apartments in Greater Noida have modern infrastructure to facilitate you. The buildings are earthquake resistant, have proper areas of entrance and exit, smoothly working lifts and elevators, and have a good finishing. 


  • Pleasing locality

Supermarkets, airports, railways, metro and bus stations, hospitals, police stations, schools, temples, playgrounds, and parks are located near the property so that less time is wasted traveling. It is lush green with trees and parks around. If we talk about the locality of apartments here in Noida then they have such a great locality that makes your living easy. 


  • Technologically advanced buildings

The property you are investing in Greater Noida is technologically advanced with all the modern technologies. Good internet connectivity, efficient disaster management systems, fire-alarms systems, good air-conditioning, heat resistance, automated infrastructure, etc. are available in each residential property in Greater Noida.


  • Security 

When you are investing in a property, the surroundings should be safe and secure. The building should have a good security system with CCTV cameras all around the building. The building should be well guarded with ample amounts of security alarms and security guards. Builders in Greater Noida do pay attention to the security systems and usually have good security all around the property. 


  • Connectivity

Greater Noida has good connectivity with areas like Delhi, Ghaziabad, etc. which makes traveling easier. It has an efficient network of the metro that enables you to travel from one part to the other easily. 


  • Job opportunities

Greater Noida is the hub of commercial activity. Many MNCs have their bases here in Greater Noida. Due to the presence of many businesses, job opportunities are always growing in this region. If you buy a house here then there are many chances that you get a secure job near your residence. 


Benefits of Living in Noida West

Noida Extension is still developing to become a focal point for real estate investments. The builders are constructing premium quality pro

  • Infrastructure

The region is developing well in terms of its physical and social infrastructure thus, attracting builders and investors. If we look into its social structure then we have top-class schools, banks, hospitals, etc. which are making it suitable for settling with family. 

  • Connectivity

Noida Extension is well connected to Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi, etc. leading areas. Its connectivity to all significant areas gives it an edge over other areas. People who need to travel frequently will find it easy to move from one place to another from the Noida Extension region. The area has a well-developed network of the metro which moves from one part to the other easily. 

  • Jewar Airport

The biggest airport in India is being constructed rapidly. The construction of the airport will boost the infrastructure of this region. It will get both the domestic as well as international attention. Many businesses will be set up which will create a huge demand for residential and commercial property. The airport will give the region exposure to the international market.

  • Job opportunities

It is believed that in the near future, big MNCs will be setting up their offices in the Noida Extension region due to its developing infrastructure and connectivity. At present time, the region is getting immensely famous for its commercial properties which will continue in the future as well.

  • Affordability

Since Noida Extension is still developing, the property prices here are very affordable. You can easily buy a decent property on a budget of 45 lakhs to 50 lakhs. The investment return is also good in this region. The price of the property in Noida Extension is way too less than the prices of properties in other parts of Noida. 


Both Greater Noida and Noida West are desirable for investment. Real Estate Noida has groups like Paramount Group that are continuously constructing world-class properties in both Greater Noida and Noida Extension. If you are looking for either residential or commercial property then there are a plethora of options to choose from. 

The prices are affordable. Also, the property that you invest in is located in a strategic location with greenery and freshness around it. You can invest in ready-to-move flats or independent houses according to your choice. Groups like Paramount Group are there to assist you at each step to buy the desired property.