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Pby paramount IN GENERAL PROPERTY 2021-08-21


Aug, 21

Living in the city has numerous advantages like access to unlimited opportunities and the freedom to choose from competing options. However, it usually deprives us of one the greatest pleasures- gardening! For those staying in flats in multi-storey towers, this dream is even more far-fetched.

So, keeping up with the recent trend, we have brought you a way to indulge your green thumb! Follow the simple steps and revel in the joy of kitchen-gardening:

Asses the sunlight: Each plant is a mini factory that converts sunlight into nutrition for us through its leaves and fruits. The first step to setting up your mini-garden is to observe which room or wall gets the maximum amount of sun, both in terms of intensity and duration. This would be the ideal spot for your plants.

Picking the right containers: Pots will be the home for your plants. Depending on your convenience, you may choose from plastic bottles, tetra packs, ceramic or metallic pots. Your garden will also attract a lot of attention from visitors, so choose accordingly. Also, remember to not over-sow the seeds in the pots since they do grow a lot in size.

Deliberate over what to plant: Are you thinking of planting exotic herbs like thyme or rosemary, or salad veggies like lettuce or kale? Herbs, on average, need about 2-3 hours in the sun, whereas vegetables need at least 4-6 hours of sunlight. Keep this in mind before making your choice!

Choosing the ideal soil: Once you have finalized the sunny spots and decided on your pots and plants, then the next step is to select the right soil. Nowadays, it is easy to get your hands on ready-made potting mix, which is a mixture of soil, compost (organic fertiliser) and cocopeat (coconut husk). Or you may choose to get in touch with a nursery and prepare your own soil. In either case, remember to not over-water your soil since it could hamper their growth.

Get the seeds and saplings: After having the containers and potting mix in order, the next crucial step is to procure healthy seeds and saplings. You may choose to either purchase it online or from a nearby nursery. While you are at it, you may consider buying a few packets of organic fertilisers too.

Watch your plants grow and revel in pleasure: Once you have sown the seeds and saplings, water your plants regularly. Soon it will start sprouting and grow each passing day. You will witness their progress through every stage and feel proud as the tiny buds turn to flowers and then fruit!

Now that you know the simple steps to create a small heaven in your own backyard, wait no more! Remember, it is the little joys that make life beautiful. Don’t let the shortage of space hold you back. Go gardening!