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Apartment Hunting in Greater Noida: Tips and Tricks for First-Time Buyers

Pby paramount IN GENERAL PROPERTY 2023-10-11


Oct, 23

Buying an apartment in Greater Noida and Noida Extension is a dream of many. The regions are so well developed and have great potential that living there significantly increases the quality of your life. Property in these areas is always worthwhile. With the help of renowned builders in Greater Noida, you can purchase the apartment of your choice and modify it accordingly to suit your taste and lifestyle. 

With 26 years of experience in designing the dream residential and commercial spaces, Paramount Group can help you to realize your dream of owning a personalized residential and commercial space in Greater Noida. The group is one of the best builders in Greater Noida and has touched the lives of thousands and people and continues to change the lives of their customers for good. 

Residential spaces are in great demand in Noida. The apartments for living in Noida have great locations. They are near schools, banks, shopping complexes, etc., making them suitable for living. Nowadays, realizing the need for a healthy environment, builders are also making sure that their projects are made in areas having sufficient trees and parks. The apartments are made using the latest technology to provide the utmost comfort to the residents. 

Apartments in Noida Extension are worth the investment. In the future, this area is already going to be in the talks so if you invest in time, you can get quality products at affordable prices. Builders like Paramount Group are bringing up projects like Paramount Emotions which have numerous technology and modern amenities laden apartments. 

The price range of these apartments is diverse and quite affordable. You can get the apartment of your choice at a minimal price. The location is also strategic and the region has great connectivity with other areas like Delhi, Ghaziabad, etc. 


Factors to consider while buying property in Noida

If you are planning to invest in property in Greater Noida and Noida Extension for the first time then the job is going to be tiresome for you. You would have to do thorough research about the location, amenities, price, etc. of the property you are going to invest in. following are some factors to consider before buying a property in Greater Noida or Noida Extension:

  • Infrastructure

It is one of the most important aspects to be noticed while investing in a property. The building should follow all the safety measures recommended by the government. Make sure that the building material is of good quality. 


The building should be earthquake resistant with proper areas of entrance and exit during an emergency, smoothly working lifts and elevators, and should have good finishing and furnishing. Both Greater Noida and Noida Extension are infrastructurally remarkable. If you are looking for apartments, check the infrastructure and then make the decision.


  • Locality

While buying an apartment in Greater Noida and Noida Extension, the locality should be paid attention. The locality should be safe. Supermarkets, airports, metro and bus stations, hospitals, police stations, schools, temples, playgrounds, and parks should be near the property so that less time is wasted traveling from one place to another. 


The property should be lush green with trees and parks around. Both Greater Noida and Noida Extension are big cities so while choosing an apartment for a living make sure you choose it in a peaceful locality, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


  • Technology

The property you are investing in should be infused with advanced technology. Good internet connectivity, efficient disaster management systems, fire alarm systems, good air-conditioning, heat resistance, automated infrastructure, etc. are some basic requirements that you should cross-check physically by visiting the apartment. 


Paramount Group is well-known for incorporating the latest technology in its buildings and also promotes sustainability through its technology. The Paramount Golfforeste is one such project of the Paramount Group which is infused with the latest technology promoting sustainability.


  • Security 

When you are investing in a property, ensure that the surroundings of the apartment are safe and secure. Flats and apartments are often susceptible to random visitors, ensuring that this is avoided in the property you are investing in. The building should have a good security system with CCTV cameras all around the building. 


Make sure that there are strict rules regarding the entry of strangers into the building premises. The building should be safeguarded with security alarms and security guards. Trespassers shouldn’t be allowed in the building and parks and other amenities should not be accessible for someone who is not a resident of the apartment. 


  • Connectivity

When selecting an apartment in Greater Noida or Noida Extension, check the connectivity of your apartment with other parts of the city as well as the places outside the city. The metro station, highway, etc. should be near the apartment so that you don’t have to travel much for moving from one part to the other. 


  • Affordability

It is the most important factor when selecting an apartment for living in. The apartment should be within your budget. Decide your budget the moment you start hunting for the apartment and choose the apartments accordingly. 

Also, ensure that the maximum facilities are provided at minimal cost. Apartments in Greater Noida are more expensive than the apartments in the Noida Extension region. If you want premium facilities at a minimal price then invest in apartments in Noida Extension.



Buying an apartment is indeed a draining job but if you adhere to a strategy then your hunt will become much easier. You just have to invest your time in investigating the builder and the property. Choosing a good builder already means that half of your work has already been done. 

Apartments in Noida Extension are in great demand. They are cheaper with strategic locations and world-class amenities. The Paramount Group has their residential projects in both Greater Noida and Noida Extension which ensure that you select the best residential apartments for you. They offer premium apartments at reasonable prices.