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Seven Tips for Throwing an Outdoor Party

Pby paramount IN GENERAL PROPERTY 2021-08-21


Aug, 21

If you are planning to throw an outdoor party, there are a few things that you need to take care. A stress-free party is one in which guests can enjoy themselves in the backyard oasis that you have created. Here’s a quick guide to achieve this:

Spreading the Word
Your invitation should include the following three things: the time at which the guests will be served food, the attire, and rain plans (if any). The time when the guests will be eating is important because it sends out a clear message to latecomers. You won’t have to refire the grill or reheat. The attire gives the guests a heads-up about what they can expect and therefore, dress according to the occasion. Lastly, do not leave your guests hanging in doubt if it rains. If you are going to throw the party rain or shine, let your guests know that.

Seating Arrangements
When you are throwing an outdoor party, assess the furniture and seating requirements. Dining chairs make a great addition to any outdoor party, but pouffes and drum stools are also perfect. If the party is a casual one, you can also add some quilts and blankets allowing your guests to sit picnic-style. If you are running particularly low on seating, it might be a good idea to rent. Some vendors also drop off the furniture at the venue.

Ambient lighting is important especially when you are throwing an outdoor party. But that does not mean you have to go extravagant. Add a few hanging lights on the fence, deck, and tree and plant branches. You can also hang a few tealights or hurricane lights; for a warm glow, the globe string lights are the way to go. But make sure that you keep the wires tucked away so that there are no tripping accidents.

Keeping Bugs Away
The outdoors mean unless you take precautions, your guests will be swatting mosquitoes. Weeks before you throw the party, remove any standing water and keep the backyard dry. On the day of the party, plug a fan to keep the mosquitoes and bugs away. You can also keep a table top fan near the salads. Another idea is to hand over bug wipes to your guests which will keep guests protected.

Deciding the Music
Choose the right music for the occasion but make sure that you are not playing it over loudspeakers. Four or five speakers spread across the backyard would be sufficient to create the ambience while keeping the music low. Evening parties go well with classics, i.e. sounds that people recognise.

Keep the Kids Entertained
If you have planned sangria for the adults, you need to plan something for the kids. Keep plenty of bubbles, perhaps a sprinkler and some beach balls. Alternatively, you can also buy disposable cameras and ask the kids to be the official photographers of the party.

Choose the Right Decoration
Everyone loves a piñata. It makes for a great fun addition to the party. But you can also buy small items like necklaces and sunglasses, perhaps, even party pistols to turn the fun up a bit.